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Download Subject Event Where When Category
PDF Corporate Engagement with the University of Arizona Southern Arizona Economic Development Tucson 2020-03 UAz
PDF The Southern Arizona Space Ecosystem Southern Arizona Leadership Council Tucson 2020-01 Space
PDF Aerospace at the University of Arizona Aerospace States Association legislative dinner Phoenix 2020-01 UAz
PDF Lunar Mining
(with animations)
Fourth Annual Mining Law Summit Tucson 2019-11 Space
PDF Lunar Mining Fourth Annual Mining Law Summit Tucson 2019-11 Space
PDF Corporate Engagement with University of Arizona Research various Tucson 2019-06 UAz
PDF Aerospace and Defense Workforce Innovation Tucson Metro Chamber Tucson 2019-04 UAz
PDF The University of Arizona as an Innovation Hub Tucson Breakfast Club Tucson 2019-02 UAz
PDF Customer Discovery Process Founder's Institute Tucson 2019-02 VC
PDF Starting and Maintaining Long-Term Industry Partnerships ASEE Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration 2019 New Orleans 2019-01 UAz
PDF Space: It's More Than Square Footage! Metropolitan Pima Alliance Tucson 2018-11 Space
PDF UAVs at UofA Aerospace Arizona Summit Tempe 2018-11 UAz
PDF Developing Resources for Spinouts: Accelerators, Incubators, and I-Corps Academic Impressions workshop, University Spinout Ecosystems, Session 4 San Antonio 2018-07 VC
PDF Engaging Faculty and Developing External Relationships Academic Impressions workshop, University Spinout Ecosystems, Session 3 San Antonio 2018-07 UAz
PDF Support Programs for Spinouts Academic Impressions workshop, University Spinout Ecosystems, Session 2 San Antonio 2018-07 UAz
PDF Research Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Academic Impressions workshop, University Spinout Ecosystems, Session 1 San Antonio 2018-07 UAz
PDF The Economics of Space: Arizona's Astronomic Advantage Arizona Association for Economic Development Tucson 2018-05 Space
PDF Establishing Contacts with Industry and Research Institutions University Industry Demonstration Partnership online webinar 2018-03 UAz
PDF Stimulating Effective Deal Flow Venture Capital Institute Atlanta 2017-12 VC
PDF Launching the Arizona Space Business Roundtable Arizona Space Business Roundtable Tucson 2017-12 Space
PDF Building a Lean Startup TenWest Tucson 2017-10 VC
PDF Commercial Spaceflight and Southern Arizona Commercial Space Foundation Tucson 2017-09 Space
PDF Commercial Space:
Why Here? Why Now?
Georgia Senate Subcommittee Hearing Atlanta 2016-11 Space
PDF Interesting Industries
Angel Education Seminar Guangzhou, China 2016-11 VC
PDF Innovative Faculty and the I-Corps Experience
Synergy 2016 Manila, Philippines 2016-11 VC
PDF Strategic Business Initiatives
University of Arizona Tucson 2016-10 UAz
PDF Back to the Moon
DragonCon 2016 Atlanta 2016-09 Space
PDF 21 Years in the Atlanta Startup Ecosystem Will This Fly? keynote Huntsville, Alabama 2016-05 VC
PDF Early Stage Venture Capital Investment Venture Capital Institute Atlanta 2015-12 VC
PDF Why We Can't Go to Mars...Yet! DragonCon 2015 Atlanta 2015-09 Space
PDF Regional Innovation:
The Role of Georgia Tech and NSF I-Corps
IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Innovation Belfast, Ireland 2015-06 GT
PDF Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship and the Business Model Canvas:
Lessons from Georgia Tech
Desafio Unicamp Campinas, Brasil 2015-03 GT
PDF Top Five Technology Trends for 2015 Confluence 2015 Rome, Georgia 2015-02 Policy
PDF The Business Model Canvas:
Why Do I Need All That Stuff?
TAG CapVenture Atlanta 2014-10 VC
PDF Introduction to ATDC Various audiences Atlanta 2014-10 GT
PDF Safe Is Not An Option:
Overcoming The Futile Obsession With Getting Everyone Back Alive That Is Killing Our Expansion Into Space
DragonCon 2014 Atlanta 2014-08 Space
PDF From the Lab to the Marketplace:
Lessons from Georgia Tech and the NSF I-Corps
DragonCon 2014 Atlanta 2014-08 GT
PDF Tech Square:
Building an Innovation District
Tech Transfer Central Webinar 2014-07 GT
PDF Top Five Technology Trends for 2014 Confluence 2014 Rome, Georgia 2014-02 Policy
PDF XCOR Aerospace:
Another Vision of Commercial Space
DragonCon 2013 Atlanta 2013-09 Space
PDF Raising Capital:
Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs
ECE 8022 class Atlanta 2013-04 VC
PDF Top Five Technology Trends for 2013 Confluence 2013 Rome, Georgia 2013-02 Policy
PDF Innovation with a Global Footprint Economic development meetings Brazil 2012-11 GT
PDF Commercial Space Update 2012: The Dragon Has Landed! Dragon*Con 2012 Atlanta 2012-09 Space
PDF NASA Cuts: What Are We Losing Now? Dragon*Con 2012 Atlanta 2012-09 Space
PDF Turning Science Fiction into Reality: Who Funds the Research? Dragon*Con 2012 Atlanta 2012-09 Policy
PDF Hydrogen Cars, Ethanol, Wind Farms, and Other Silly Ideas Atlanta Science Tavern Atlanta 2012-06 Policy
QuickTime Making It In America PBS "Need to Know",
11 May 2012
PBS 2012-05 Policy
QuickTime Space Mining: The New Frontier CNN interview,
28 May 2012
CNN 2012-04 Space
PDF Venture Capital in Georgia ThincSavannah Savannah, Georgia 2012-01 VC
PDF Supporting Technology Entrepreneurs in Georgia State Science and Technology Strategic Plan Joint Study Commission Columbus, Georgia 2011-11 Policy
QuickTime Immigration and Competitiveness U.S. Chamber of Commerce event; televised on C-SPAN Washington 2011-09 Policy
PDF Entering the Commercial Space Age Dragon*Con 2011 Atlanta 2011-09 Space
PDF What's in the Labs at Georgia Tech? Dragon*Con 2011 Atlanta 2011-09 GT
PDF Georgia: State of Innovation Georgia Forward Conference Callaway Gardens, Georgia 2011-08 Policy
PDF Pathways to Innovation Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC) Annual Conference Asheville, North Carolina 2011-08 Policy
PDF Manufacturing: Innovation and Commercialization Georgia Manufacturing Week luncheon Atlanta 2011-04 Policy
PDF Geekery and Innovation: Is this for Fun or for Money? Geekend 2010 Savannah 2010-11 VC
PDF Rise of the Space Startups Dragon*Con 2010 Atlanta 2010-09 Space
PDF What the Heck Happened to Our Space Program? Dragon*Con 2010 Atlanta 2010-09 Space
PDF From Zero to One: Getting Technology from the Lab into the Real World IEI Atlanta 2009-10 GT
PDF The Hydrogen Myth Dragon*Con 2009 Atlanta 2009-09 Policy
PDF Raising Capital (or Not!) Shotput Ventures entrepreneurs Atlanta 2009-06 VC
PDF Vision for the Enterprise Innovation Institute EI2 staff and invited guests Atlanta 2009-05 GT
PDF Being an Effective VC Director:
Coach, Confidante, and Killer
Venture Capital Institute Atlanta 2008-09 VC
PDF Raising Capital (annotated extended-play remix) Aggregated from posts at <> Atlanta 2008-04 VC
PDF Testimony regarding [Georgia] House Bill 1095 House Subcommittee on Higher Education Appropriations Atlanta 2008-02 Policy
PDF Life Sciences Economic Development in Georgia Testimony before HR662 Committee of Georgia General Assembly Atlanta 2007-10 Policy
PDF Communicating with Investors CapVentures (ATDC/TAG) Atlanta 2007-10 VC
PDF Halfway to Anywhere
Sorry, not available online.
Dragon*Con 2007 Atlanta 2007-09 Space
PDF Heinlein Was Wrong: Why We Don't Need D.D. Harriman Dragon*Con 2007 Atlanta 2007-09 Space
PDF XCOR: Building a "New Space" Company Dragon*Con 2007 Atlanta 2007-09 Space
PDF What's in the Labs at Georgia Tech? Dragon*Con 2007 Atlanta 2007-09 GT
PDF Angel Investment in Space Access Space Venture Finance Summit, International Space Development Conference Dallas 2007-05 Space
PDF Private Investment in Space: Where Did We Go Wrong? Space Investment Summit New York City 2007-04 Space
PDF Venture Capital in the Southeast: The View from 2005 Seraph Group partners' meeting Atlanta 2005-02 VC
PDF The Role of Private Investment in Space Exploration Aldridge Commission testimony Atlanta 2004-03 Space
PDF Terms and Term Sheets TI:GER class (extracted from my MGT 6165 class notes) Atlanta 2003-10 VC
PDF Maintaining Investment Focus Venture Capital Institute Atlanta 2001-09 VC
PDF Reasons Why You Shouldn't Take Venture Capital ATDC BrownBag lunch Atlanta 1999-08 VC
PDF Critical Mass / New Kid on the Block Digital South magazine inaugural issue 1997-04 VC
PDF Technology in the South VentureMarket South keynote (transcript) Atlanta 1997-02 VC
PDF Go Get an Asteroid Op-ed published in the Washington Post Washington, D.C. 1990-10 Space